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Protecting Victims and Communities in Domestic Violence Cases: Collaborative Strategies

Webinar Recording from NCJFCJ, describing the application process for the new Firearm Pilot Site Initiative

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Understanding Firearms Assaults against Law Enforcement Officers in the United States

The Office of Community Oriented Policing Services recently published Understanding Firearms Assaults against Law Enforcement…

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Firearms and Domestic Violence: The Intersections

Firearms and Domestic Violence: The Intersections was published on December 13, 2016 by the Department of Justice, but it…

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IPV and Weapon Types: A Summary of New Research by Susan B. Sorenson

According to Sorenson, “Guns can facilitate a condition known as coercive control, in which an abuser dominates and…

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New BJS Report Tracks States' Reporting of Misdemeanor Convictions to NICS

Many states have recognized the importance of communicating conviction data to federal databases and have developed…

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