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Domestic Violence and Firearms: A Unique Perspective

Safer Georgia recently released this second PSA on Domestic Violence and Firearms, highlighting some actors in the field who…

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Domestic Violence and Firearms: A Public Safety Initiative

Safer Georgia, an organization that promotes legislation that will help law enforcement in Georgia save lives, produced this…

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Families Under Fire: Gun Violence, Domestic Violence and Marginalized Communities

In the wake of the Orlando shooting, it is no surprise that media outlets have spent much of their coverage discussing the…

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Tribes Gain Access to National Crime Information Databases with New Federal Programs

Last fall, the Department of Justice launched the Tribal Access Program (TAP) for National Crime Information, providing…

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Supreme Court Says Federal Gun Ban Includes “Reckless” Domestic Assault Convictions

In one of the final cases decided in its 2015-16 term, Voisine v. US, the Supreme Court held that a misdemeanor conviction…

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