There is an average of 922 firearm deaths and injuries per year in Minnesota, costing the state $746 million each year. 

A new report, The Economic Cost of Gun Violence in Minnesota: A Business Case for Action, notes "the staggering economic price that Minnesotans pay each year on account of gun violence." The report continues, "Immediately after a trigger is pulled, the bills begin to pile up: healthcare costs to repair shattered limbs and punctured organs, law enforcement and criminal justice expenses to investigate violent gun crimes and incarcerate offenders, costs incurred by businesses to cover for seriously injured or dead employees, and lost employee wages."

According to the report, $32 million is spent on health care annually, $31 million is spent on law enforcement and criminal justice system expenses, and $696 million is lost in wages every year. 

The report notes that $76 million could be saved if firearm deaths and injuries were reduced by 10 percent.

The full report can be found at:

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