Domestic Violence and Firearms: Research on Statutory Interventions

April M. Zeoli, PhD, MPH | BWJP |

The crimes of domestic and dating violence and stalking are pervasive in our society. When a violent intimate partner has access to a firearm, a dangerous situation becomes a potentially fatal situation. More women are killed by their intimate partners than by any other offender group, and firearms are the weapon most often used in intimate partner homicide.

Judge-Run Program Addresses Disarming Domestic Violence Offenders


Dallas County, Texas, is known for being one of the most populated counties in Texas and a statewide leader on combating domestic violence.

Leaders Take Action to Curb Gun Violence


King County, Washington is home to the city of Seattle and roughly 2.1 million people. It is known for its great coffee, the Space needle and unfortunately, a significant amount of gun violence.

Limitations of Federal, State, and Tribal Law


Current law undoubtedly protects victims of domestic violence and prevents their offenders from possessing firearms in many cases, however, there are limitations to the federal, state, and tribal prohibitions in place that affect their ability to faultlessly prevent offenders from purchasing and possessing firearms.

Police Seizure of Firearms at Scenes of Domestic Violence


This table summarizes protocols by state for police seizure of firearms at scenes of domestic violence.