April M. Zeoli is an Associate Professor and coordinator of undergraduate studies in the School of Criminal Justice at Michigan State University.

Dr. Zeoli conducts interdisciplinary research, with a goal of bringing together the fields of public health and criminology and criminal justice. Her main field of investigation is the prevention of intimate partner violence and homicide through policy interventions. Specifically, she is interested in the role of firearms in intimate partner violence and homicide, as well as the civil and criminal justice systems responses to intimate partner violence. She is currently the primary investigator on research to analyze the strength of legal firearm restrictions for perpetrators of domestic violence and their impact on intimate partner homicide, and to study the implementation of domestic violence firearm laws in selected communities. In addition, Dr. Zeoli studies homicide more generally, and has received attention for interdisciplinary research that applies an infectious disease model to the spread of homicide in Newark, New Jersey. She earned her PhD from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, where she studied health and public policy, specializing in violence prevention, and a master’s in public health from the University of Michigan.

Resources By This Author

  1. WEBINAR - The Strength of Legal Firearms Restrictions and Their Association With Intimate Partner Homicide

    April M. Zeoli, PhD, MPH | BWJP |

    Dr. Zeoli discussed the very important findings from her recently published research exploring the relationship between different types of firearms legal prohibitions and reductions in intimate partner homicide rates.

  2. RESEARCH - Domestic Violence and Firearms: Research on Statutory Interventions

    April M. Zeoli, PhD, MPH | BWJP |

    This paper explores the research on statutory interventions regarding the intersection of domestic violence and firearms.

  3. RESEARCH - Multiple-Victim Domestic Violence Events

    April M. Zeoli, PhD, MPH | BWJP |

    This paper and related webinar cover how often multiple victim intimate partner homicides and homicide-suicides occur, the frequency of firearm use in these homicides, and opportunities for intervention.

  4. WEBINAR - State Laws on Firearm Prohibitions for Domestic Violence Protective Orders

    April M. Zeoli, PhD, MPH | BWJP |

    This webinar provides a comparison of current state laws regarding firearms prohibitions following imposition of domestic violence protective orders.

  5. ARTICLE - Non-Fatal Firearm Uses in Domestic Violence

    April M. Zeoli, PhD, MPH | BWJP |

    Non-Fatal Firearms Uses in Domestic Violence analyzes the pervasiveness of batterers using firearms in nonfatal domestic violence to control their partners. Estimates vary regarding the frequency of firearm use, but national estimates suggest that 4.5 million women are threatened and 900,000 women have a gun used against them in their lifetimes in the United States.