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Dr. Zeoli discussed the very important findings from her recently published research exploring the relationship between…

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WEBINAR - Implementing a Firearm Surrender Protocol

Research and experience confirm that access to a firearm dramatically increases the risk of lethality in domestic violence…

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WEBINAR - Nonfatal Intimate Partner Violence: The Special Role of Firearms

Firearms are the most common weapon used to kill an intimate partner in the U.S.

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Community Strategies

Building a Comprehensive Plan to Preventing Domestic Violence Firearm Homicide

About Safer Families, Safer Communities

Safer Families, Safer Communities, a project of the new National Domestic Violence and Firearms Resource Center, supports comprehensive implementation and enforcement of domestic violence firearm prohibitions at all levels of government. Launched in 2016, the Safer Families, Safer Communities website is the first website wholly dedicated to addressing the intersection of domestic violence and firearms. By providing information, as well as community-based strategies and examples, this project seeks to prevent domestic violence-related homicide in our families and communities.

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