RESEARCH - Multiple-Victim Domestic Violence Events

April M. Zeoli, PhD, MPH | BWJP |

This paper and related webinar cover how often multiple victim intimate partner homicides and homicide-suicides occur, the frequency of firearm use in these homicides, and opportunities for intervention.

WEBINAR - Introduction and Overview of the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence and Firearms

David W. Keck, J.D. | BWJP |

This webinar is an introduction and overview of the National Domestic Violence and Firearms Resource Center. 

RESEARCH - Domestic Violence and Firearms: Research on Statutory Interventions

April M. Zeoli, PhD, MPH | BWJP |

This paper explores the research on statutory interventions regarding the intersection of domestic violence and firearms.

RESEARCH - The Gun Violence Restraining Order

National Center on Protection Orders and Full Faith & Credit | Kelly Roskam | Vicka Chaplin | BWJP |

This webinar is intended to inform individuals who work with survivors of intimate partner violence (IPV) about Extreme Risk Protection Orders, and provide an opportunity to explore the implications of these orders for survivors of IPV.

WEBINAR - Domestic Violence-Related Mass and Spree Killings


Dr. Websdale will define mass and spree killing and explain the differences between familicidal, felonious, and non-felony related forms of these offenses.