Communities Blaze New Trails to Prevent Firearm-Involved Domestic Violence

Across the country numerous communities are effectively disarming domestic violence offenders by implementing and enforcing firearm prohibitions in domestic violence cases. Leaders and innovators in these communities have developed pragmatic and responsible policies, protocols and practices directed at all aspects of firearm surrender and seizure.

Dallas County, Texas

Dallas County, Texas, is known for being one of the most populated counties in Texas and a statewide leader on combating domestic violence.

However, the county lagged behind in its efforts to confiscate firearms from domestic violence offenders. Developing a comprehensive solution to a problem that put domestic violence victims and the…

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State of Wisconsin

Wisconsin had legislated firearm prohibitions similar to the federal law, however, enforcement of the prohibitions remained challenging.

In 2009, a subcommittee of the Governor’s Council on Domestic Violence completed a model firearm surrender protocol to improve compliance with firearm surrender laws. In 2010, the protocol was piloted…

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Baltimore, Maryland

In 2009, Maryland enacted a law requiring a judge to order firearms confiscated from people who have final protective orders filed against them.

Judges also had discretion to order firearm confiscation on temporary protective orders. Despite tough laws, enforcement was difficult in Baltimore where temporary protective orders were only being…

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Atlanta, Georgia

DeKalb County Georgia criminal justice partners set out to save lives with a firearm reduction initiative.

Though initially met with reluctance, committed individuals stayed the course until they created an effective protocol for removing guns from the hands of domestic violence offenders.

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King County, Washington

King County, Washington is home to the city of Seattle and roughly 2.1 million people.

It is known for its great coffee, the Space needle and unfortunately, a significant amount of gun violence. 130 people die each year in King County as a result of firearm use. That is greater than…

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Lexington, Kentucky

Lexington, Kentucky is a community that understands that time is often critical in keeping domestic violence victims safe.

Two initiatives launched by the Fayette County Sheriff and Fayette County Circuit Court, electronic Emergency Protective Orders (e-EPO) and domestic violence order hope cards, aim to save lives when…

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San Mateo, CA

California leads the nation with some of the strictest laws on guns.

Since 2004, anyone served with a temporary protective order is given only 24 hours to turn over any weapons to local law enforcement or sell them to a licensed gun dealer. Even with some of the…

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