Responding to Domestic Violence-Related Homicides Within Your Community

Jessica Honish | Sara Krall | Courtney Olson |

Webinar Recording

This webinar will highlight the Domestic Violence Homicide Response Plan, as well as provide suggestions for how it can be applied in practice.

Moving Beyond the "Honor System": Effective Strategies to Prevent Prohibited Abusers' Access to Firearms

National Council Of Juvenile And Family Court Judges |

Webinar Recording

This webinar, hosted by the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges (NCJFCJ) offers practice tips and strategies for legal system professionals who are implementing domestic violence firearm surrender processes.

Enhancing Existing Partnerships to Implement Firearms Surrender

Sgt. Jordan Ferguson |

Webinar Recording

This webinar seeks to reimagine the typical law enforcement response to intimate partner violence through the discussion of promising practices in firearms surrender implementation.

Overcoming the "Buts": Improving Your Community's Response to Firearms and Domestic Violence

Nancy Hart, J.D. | Darren Mitchell, J.D. |

Webinar Recording

This webinar discusses approaches to various obstacles that often confront communities that are trying to implement firearms prohibitions in domestic violence cases.

Creative Methods for Local Enforcement of Federal Firearms Restrictions

David W. Keck, J.D. | BWJP |

Webinar Recording

This webinar gives concrete examples of how a community may implement a firearm surrender protocol centered on law enforcement, the court, probation, or another format.