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Firearms Relinquishment Model Protocol

Implementing an Effective Firearms Relinquishment Protocol The National Resource Center on Domestic Violence and Firearms…

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SCOTUS Nomination Raises Critical Considerations for Firearm Prohibitions

At the time of this writing, President Trump has announced his selection for the seat on the Supreme Court of the United…

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US Department of Justice Charges 500+ Domestic Violence Firearm Cases in FY20

The Department of Justice has issues a press release concerning the over 500 domestic violence-related firearm cases charged…

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More Than Just a Piece of Paper: A Toolkit for Advocates

Over the past ten months, BWJP/NRCDVF has researched public attitudes toward firearm-involved intimate partner violence, as…

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OVW Draws on Expertise of Director Dave Keck

The Office on Violence Against Women interviewed NRCDVF Director Dave Keck for a recent episode of their podcast, Patchwork.…

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Firearms Removal Under the WI Protection Order Process: Explained

Wisconsin law enforcement put into place a thorough system of forms and checkpoints to make sure that protection order…

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