Firearms and Domestic Violence Statutes by State

National Center on Protection Orders and Full Faith & Credit | BWJP |

Statute Guides & Matrices

This matrix contains state and territorial firearm statutes as they relate to civil protection orders, criminal offenses, procedures, prohibited transferees, licenses/permits, and background checks.

Henderson v. US

Sandra Tibbetts Murphy, J.D. | BWJP |

Legal and Policy Analysis

In Henderson, the Court held that a court-ordered transfer of a felon’s lawfully owned firearms from law enforcement custody to a third party is not barred by current federal firearm prohibitions.

Trends in Firearm Legislation and Case Law

Jonathan E. Lowy | The Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence |

Webinar Recording

This webinar provides an overview of legislative changes and recent firearms case law, including discussion of state-specific implications and potential changes to the federal law.

Domestic Violence, Firearms, and the Military

Sarah Henry, J.D. |

Webinar Recording

Discussion in this webinar includes triggering the federal firearms law, nuances of prohibitions, possible implications for service members, as well as similar state firearm prohibitions.

Federal and State Firearm Prohibitions

Millicent Shaw Phipps, J.D. | Pete Helein |

Webinar Recording

Part One of this webinar explores both federal and state gun prohibitions related to domestic violence, sexual assault, dating violence and stalking. Part Two of this webinar explores coordination amongst federal counterparts and included discussion of current community efforts to address firearms in the hands of batterers.